Art, Concepts, World Design and UI Design by George Sellas.  Created in partnership with Waffle Games LLC.

Daring Dungeoneer was my labor of love in 2020.  Together with game developer David Scott of Waffle Games, we created this lighthearted card-flipping dungeon crawler for Android and iOS mobile devices.

I created all of the art for the game myself, aside from a few animated visual effects created by Trevor Klueg.  It was a huge undertaking coming up with the visuals of the entire game - the world, the enemies, gear, backgrounds, dungeon maps, the town hub and its friendly Mimic residents, promo art, and many, many UI components.  All while having a hand in the design of the gameplay too.  (It was a bit crazy.)

And since that wasn't enough for us, we later added an entirely new game mode featuring a different style of play, with even more of my artwork.  Even though DD didn't become the smash hit we hoped it would, I'm immensely proud of what we were able to build.  My hope is that we can revisit this world again with a new game or other types of content.

Download and play the game for free at the links below.